March 27, 2007

Kings inspired

Although, Abbas Hilmi was a Khedive, this collectible postcard shows him with the motto "Kings are inspired". Somehow, postcards were already used back then for political propaganda as early as 1904 as can be shown in the postcard above. It is actually a very nice one embossed and the little golden flower under the Starring Khedive is just amazing.

While this postcard that also features Abbas Hilmi is dated 1903 and portrays him alongside the flag. One should notice the naive symbolism as he is also portrayed within a crescent as if he is the star of the flag . In any case Abbas Hilmi was depositioned as the last Khedive of Egypt to be replaced by his uncle Sultan Hussayn Kemal, who was also incidentally chosen by the Brits to hold the title of King of Sudan. The Sultanate existed for three years, and then it became a Kingdom with King Fouad. It was the time when Egypt was called the Kingdom of Egypt and Sudan. It did last until 1953 when Sudan was given the rights to self determination and self government and in 1956 it got full independance status.

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