April 2, 2007

Racing towards a Goal

To be or not to be ?
Being what?
what to be or to become?
blaming the wasp for its venomous sting is after all blaming God for His creation.
blaming oneself for God's Will is also blaming His plan.
So what to do? If one would believe Bond, ,James Bond, that is. One should live and let die. However one eventually dies and let live. I wonder though what is left to live for when the skyscrappers will hit the floor and the camels will not be able to race through the desert.

Pictures from AFP and AP through the BBC

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johncgreen@gmail.com said...

According to J. Krishnamurti, the constant project to be or become
something is the very thing that separates us from the truth. The
truth is what is, or what we are at every moment. One need not strive
for it. It is always present within. The yearning to be something
else is a betrayal of the highest reality--an attempt to escape from it. I like the sound of that. I can't claim to be in perfect communion with the immutable, but this idea does help me reconcile 10,000 contradictions and accept myself.