March 2, 2007


Zogolopoulo No 16 : At the Mousky Bazar

Postcards of Egypt are interesting from many points of view.
For one, Egypt has always fascinated writers and artists. At the very start of photography, early photographers joined the bandwagon of Egyptomania. So from the point of view of the photographic history, it is quite interesting to go through them. I stumbled upon a site that shows a nice array of Egyptian postcards.
For some others though, it is these postcards nostalgic effect that is their main claim to fascination. While for others they are considered as a reminder of days gone by. For example, it would be unimaginable to be able to have people posing in front of their stalls at the Mousky Bazar. Just too many people, moving too erratically.
However one can still see the donkey carriages transporting people in some remote villages, but they are fast disappearing.
The two Zologopoulo postcards are part of my personal collection and I specifically like them for 2 reasons , firstly the size of them is quite unusual and second they are hand coloured.

Zologopoulo No 20 : Cairo Native Promenade

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Dananeer said...

so old but nice :)