March 21, 2007

Bad Reputation

The poster above is for A woman with a bad reputation, directed by Henri Barakat , starred by Shams elBaroudi.
Shams Al Baroudi is one of the first stars of the Egyptian cinema to have taken the veil. She starred in many movies in the late sixties up to when she decided to go the pious way, eventually wearing a full niqab. Ironically, when she was acting she was quite open about nudity. In any case, she decided for the veil quarter of a century ago, deciding instead to give her time for the glory of Allah.

I had the chance to meet Henri Barakat playing bridge at the Gezirah Sporting club, he was quite a charming little old man, apart of that he is one of those many Egyptian directors that never reached international recognition although deserving it as much as the famed Youssef Chahine, the list includes many others such as Hassan el Imam, Fatin abdel Wahab, Salah Abu Seif and a few others.

a few posters featuring Shams Al Baroudi including Fatin Abdel Wahab's "Happiness Hotel" and the famous "Malatili Bath" by Salah Abu Seif.

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