March 25, 2007

Demonstration II

It all boiled down to a few people arrested and a demonstration of the iron fist in a velvet glove by the security forces (a minute by minute report) . By 21.00, everybody has gone home but for the few unlucky ones that were arrested to set an example. Actually, I wonder about the economical viability of having thousands of security forces headed by a lot of high ranked officers to encircle a few hundreds and to arrest a couple of dozens.
Tahrir Square was not invaded by angry petitioners, actually, it was suggested to them that the syndicate of Journalists was a better place to demonstrate. The few ones who insisted were taken away. Those who went to the syndicate of journalists were encircled on the stairways leading to the syndicate. Someone who was there claimed there were as many as 200 people manifesting, and a few thousands encircling.
Nothing much happened. It seems very few really care.

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