November 29, 2011

Parliamentary Elections

After thinking a lot about going to cast my vote or not, I did go this morning (the second day) with a preconceived idea on how to nullify my vote. Many had called for a boycott of the elections and, until last night, I thought I would join the majority of voices asking for the boycott. However, when we found out that the call for the boycott was not followed and that according to many the actual turn out was even more important than that of the referendum, I decided to cast a blank vote, as suggested by other activists who believe these elections are illegitimate and unaccounted for. This morning, when I woke up, I walked to the polling station, and succeeded in casting my vote. I took extra care to do it right but then I wrote on the ballot papers : down down with military rule. My polling station is not very far from the Ministry of Interior and getting there is quite difficult. APCs are all over the place. Big amounts of army personnel are dispersed all along the way. I did not take pictures as I did not feel up to the discussions that would follow. Also today the polling station was quite empty and I finished everything in 5 minutes.

November 15, 2011

Personal Experience

I wrote this and published it on February 14 2011, 11:38 on Facebook under the title Tahrir Square:  Take care of the Military Police, I meant it as a warning about the way Military Police could handle events

Military Police is not very nice and under Military rule some excesses can be made. So to all Freedom lovers , I beg of you, be prudent. An hour ago, Two "Mokhabarat" (army secret services)  came up to my flat and asked me to come down to meet the Lewa (General) . Being a generally obedient citizen respecting laws I followed without any resistance.
While going down I found out that two journalists from the Al- Jazeera networks had their material confiscated from my own roof top, I do own the building after all.
Trying to get inside towards where Mr. General was, even the "Mokabarat" had a wobble with the guarding Military police squad. They didn't want us past their point. We eventually managed. I was asked to walk up to were the big Newspaper stand is and then I was asked to wait. Mr General, finally arrived and his attitude was slightly aggressive, his attacks were stoically answered, up to the point when he asked if I was Egyptian and when I answered yes he said : "I doubt", at this we were into trouble because I answered less calmly: "If you doubt my Egyptianity (sic) Then I doubt yours". Our Voices were getting higher when the Mokhabarat intervened and the Carrot was there as the stick didn't work, Actually it is Mr. General himself who called them at his rescue, but that is besides the point.
The Mokhabarat were much nicer and tried to convince me of the importance of the country to start working again.
I agreed. The other point he tried to defend was that they needed to keep their being anonymous as they are "Military Intelligence", a point that I could not disagree upon, nonetheless I could disagree about the point that the world needed to know what was going on in Tahrir Square . We had a political discussion that was civil, and a religious one where I claimed my Atheism , this was a bit harder to swallow and only went through after a long discussion ended by me saying that "I even watched a few times the program of Moustafa Mahmoud " El 3lm Wel Iman" (Science and Creed) when I was much younger, and haven't been convinced, this is the point when he finally decided to go and try to convince the General that I should be released. It took maybe 10 minutes but I was thanked and asked to go Home.
I tried to ask for opening a mahdar to the General but that was not possible it seems.

 So that was the situation 9 months ago, only a couple of days after Moubarak was resigned. It is now much worse to follow up about the events that happened since  and that culminated with the arrest of Alaa Abdel Fattah, an activist and the man considered as the first Egyptian blogger. 

And to read more about the subject of Military Justice or rather Injustice in Egypt and the No to <ilitary trials for Civilians movement you can check out this list of articles

October 25, 2011

Tahrir Square: a Revolution minute by minute (almost)

 This Timeline was written minute by minute during the start of the 18 glorious during the internet and communication cut and was posted on Facebook. Today 9 months later I republish it. Believing it to be quite interesting and can make us remember events as they happened 
For those more interested in Pictures you can find them on Facebook at

Friday Jan28 2011
15.00 Listening to the tear gas being thrown at people trying to reach Liberation Square (Tahrir),  I wonder what is happening. There is a big group of people in Talaat Harb Square, another attack is being prepared. It defend Bab el Louk square where there is another big group of protesters.  I am wondering how they will keep their positions, the sound of the tear gas bombs are an indicator that the security forces are attacking protesters from that side quite strongly, but then the protesters that were in front of the Opera house started walking through Kasr el nil bridge, and are having some success. Even on those tear gases were thrown . But they keep on advancing.
Now it's a bit later; I cannot count the tear gas bombs anymore, neither can I count the salvos, but there is a determination to go on by the protesters. I've personally noticed 25 to 30 arrests on Tahrir Square although I was not watching all he time; far from that. The shouts coming up from the street are not all thumping sounds by the special forces, actually the voice of the protesters who are much further is kind of covering this slightly ridiculous "hop hop" they are uttering. But the most noticeable is the sound of the salvos of tear gas. You would think, you are in Iraq during the American attacks. Going out to check the situation, protesters have been pushed back from the square but are still holding positions in front of cinema Metro. Bab el Louk is now back in the hands of security forces but they had to extend their defenses, a lot of arrests happened there more than the first batch I've seen arrested. Kasr el Nil was at a point completely full with protesters , but the water canons were sent and the tear gases didn't stop and I think , they were being pushed back.
Funnily, on the Egyptian TV if you watch the news, the protesters have left the streets and things are back to normal. I really wonder when the media censors will stop this somehow counterproductive technique of hiding news. I wonder though how the liberal and democratic government that has been hailed as such until a few days ago by the US state department risked forcing the mobile companies and the Internet servers to go down. I suppose it will not be good for the business community, it is feeling by now the crunch, and not that we'd have (as Egypt) such an influence on the world at large , but when you think that it is everywhere in the Middle East from Morocco, to Lebanon and Yemen, that is most of the Middle East,  which might have a not too good effect on  an already weakened international economy.
Its a couple of hours later and here I am restarting my tale, the Kasr el Nil front was disintegrated , protesters running back in all directions, a few thousand went through Zamalek, passing the gate of the GSC, while others retreated towards Galaa bridge, where again protesters have been grouping, as soon as they were grouped the strongest yet attack of tear gas was thrown on them forcing them to break the police forces again and come back to their original starting point, the Saad Zaghloul statue, just past the Kasr el nil bridge.  Quite ironic, isn't it? Saad after all was the leader of the only real Egyptian revolution.

The protesters won it out, they did succeed in taking over the square.

It is now 20 00 hours and Liberation square is still a battlefield.  Somehow, everything is a bit strange;  first there was an announcement that the Military ruler had called for a curfew starting 18 00 h till tomorrow morning at 7; and that the army was going to take over the streets. Just after that announcement, Interior Ministry forces, that were still defending out the square looked completely disoriented and started making strange movements that looked like they were retreating. Most of the forces defending the square were taken into trucks, and those left on the field just lost control and were defending themselves. It seems that at that time, the forces of security were actually over-extended and lost control of a few of those trucks on Ramses Street, and that these were burnt. By then it was clear that the forces were retreating to the "second line of defense", they had to try and defend the route to the parliament. The most generous tear gas salvo was sent towards Qasr el Nil, while the police forces retreated, after the smoke dissipated the protesters had an open way all the way to an empty Tahrir Square.

12.15; the army came into the square, again it was quite strange. First of all the protesters were finally sent out of the square by a powerful attack by the police force still defending the Parliament. Before they could regroup though, an army convoy of maybe 25 Armed personnel carriers together with 3 or 4  tanks entered Tahrir Square. The protesters came in after them, somehow under their protection. The Army just stopped there. That was the moment when the President chose to make a very strange communique, which talked about his "allegiance to the poor against the rich" and some other poetically symbolic figures of speech, and finally dispatched the government on the way out, promising to form a new government within 24 hours. Protesters who came in with the army were still quite a few and some others were still watching from afar not completely reassured I suppose when the army started distributing boxes with food to the people around.

The curfew is not implemented.
The square is still full of protesters chanting and just standing by the army tanks  .At 1 am, January 27, it rained for a couple of minutes and that is perceived as a good omen in Egypt and started a new chant "Al Shaab Yorid Eskatt El Raiss" the people want the president's downfall  , a close second being "Boss shouf el Geish biye3mel eh" (look see, what the army does)

1.30 a new salvo of tear gas is sent from somewhere besides the parliament. The protesters went to the army tanks complaining . A couple left their positions  in the square  and repositioned in front of the forces of the interior ministry opening the way to the protesters thus defending them.

2.00 More tear gas salvos. But the curfew is not implemented. Protesters are still in the street somehow under the protection of the Army. Nonetheless nor the internet nor the mobile phones have been reconnected.

3.00 Another couple of minutes of rain, bring joy to the protesters and the party is going on. There are still some explosions and shots somewhere not too far but they become rarer.

4.20 Some shots and explosions are heard not too far, but protesters are still standing in the square and chanting. The army is slowly getting out of the square, but protesters are still here, they are tired but from time to time a new round of chants starts.

Is it over ? Has the people calmed down? Well in Tahrir square everything seems fine, but what about Suez , Alexandria, and the rest of the country?

Why are we still cut out on the communication front. The net has still not been reconnected nor are the mobile phones.

Nearly 5 AM, and the chants are still coming out from the streets and protesters still do not seem keen of going to their homes although the weather has taken a sudden turn to the cold.

I'll now crash hoping to be able to upload all the pictures and this timeline onto the World wide web, thanking all the people of the world who have been supporting the Egyptian protesters.

12.10 January 29, Woke up at around 10 by a stream of phone calls trying to find out what is happening. The first thing is that the mobile phone networks are now working unfortunately the net is still disconnected. The protesters are still on the square in quite impressive numbers. The army is friendly towards the protesters even distributing bread to protesters and being very friendly towards protesters wanting to have pictures with them. There was a chant that happened few minutes ago that went "la ekhwan la ahzab, el thawra di lel chabab" (No moslem brotherhood no parties, this revolution is for the youth). A little earlier though when I went out to see what is going on, I could recognize a few faces that are "political activists" , but at that moment the protesters were into groups that were defending their own agendas, until someone started to shout the youth slogan, at that point the whole group of protesters became one and shouted in one voice. Protesters are still coming in the square and everything seem to be under control. Would just wish that the net was reconnected.

18.24 Time has run and news are raining hard on us. First the curfew was moved from 18 hours to 16 hours and up till 8 instead of 7. Truth is though that it has no result protesters are still in the open and are still showing great love and friendship towards the army. News are a bit worrying though as rumor is that the falling regime has decided to open up the doors of prisons to common criminals and even providing them with some armament. News and rumors of looting all over the republic.  Later in a surprise move the president has named a vice president, was something that he has been refusing to do inspite of the demands of protesters repetitively for 25 years. Maybe 25 years late. He named Omar Soleiman ( a man with strong sympathy towards the Americans a former chief of military intelligence) as his vice-president, The truth is though that neither this nor the following announcement of a new PM no one has ever heard of deterred the protesters . They are still in the streets and standing high and shouting at the top of their voices.  They do not seem to settle for less than they request and that is nothing less than the demise of the president.  Still no net connection. I thought it came with having a brand new Vice-president but it does not seem to be the case. By now , there is some kind of civil defense being set up by the inhabitants of buildings and of streets that are under attack from the looters.

19.18 some looters went into Heliopolis police station, stole the armaments and are on a rant on the streets , while army trucks are passing by using microphones and announcing that help will not be sent to them before tomorrow and that people should defend their quarters. Army also set up a hot line to call in case of attacks.

January 30, 10 am.

I had to sleep for a while. Went to sleep out of both exhaustion and depression. Last night I went out twice to the square. The second time quite late as the fire in the NDP building was looking as if it was threatening the Museum once again. Fortunately that was not the case, nonetheless , by then tempers were short. The army troups have been on the streets not sleeping for nearly 60 hours, without sleep. Protesters also are kind of exhausted. The army is sending new troups who arrived early this morning. Rumors are that there are orders to the Army to retreat and let the police take over again. Somehow this is one rumor I can not believe. But on the other hand, the "government" has ordered the closure of the Al Jezira offices in Egypt and recalled the press cards of their reporters. The Egyptian TV announced that the minister of information has announced this measure. Strange though as the ministry as a whole has been dismissed by the president 2 days ago if I remember well, and no new Government has been appointed. Moreover some of the Egyptian population has started being afraid of the looting and the thugs and are trying to convince protesters to calm down and retreat. As of now it doesn't seem to work but who knows what pressure by family and friends and tiredness will result.
The mood seems to be slightly downbeat for the moment.

By the way still no internet and nobody seems to care in the international medias. Internet has been cut for almost 60 hours now. Not allowed I suppose to show or say what is really happening in Egypt .

A bit before 16.00 hours , started a very busy traffic of jet fighters, at each passage they are  welcome by protesters and cheered up . After nearly half an hour of a show of power, involving also some helicopter forces carrier the sky cleared up.

18.00 hours The Curfew is supposed to have started 2 hours ago. The Square is still full of people. There must be around 50 to 60 thousands. There are news that the same is happening in Alexandria, Mehalla, and a few others governorates.

January 31, 9.20 am Very Hard night on the protesters. It was very cold. They had to walk around the square, sometimes even running for a few circles, chanting slogans, in order to heat themselves up a bit. Nonetheless by now, the numbers have dwindled on the square to a mere couple of thousands. This is the first time it dwindles so much during a night, in a couple of hours protesters will be back in force and already their numbers is increasing again. Some went to wash up and get food, and some go home to sleep. Today though is different as there has been news since yesterday that the Police is to start to come back down to the streets. According to "government" or more accurately to the Egyptian TV, traffic police is to take over from the youth who were regulating traffic since the protesters took up the square, they also claim that investigators for crimes will also come down today , I wonder though from where they will be working as Police stations have been attacked and burnt all over the republic. I believe that by now few of those stations are standing unburnt.
There are moments when even atheists look for a greater power to pray to. Seems to me to be one of those. The situation is explosive, at any point, there might be orders to the army to start shooting. Nobody knows though will the orders come down the command, or be stopped at a certain level and would army officers take over. The least that can be said is that the situation is out of hand. Protesters who by now should be called Revolutionaries, have no plan, no figure head, although there are some trials to push Baradei as the "guardian of the revolution" for a temporary government that would be in charge of implementing a new constitution and organizing free elections within 6 month. This is all very nice, however there are no news of any contacts between those and army officials. At the same time, the Egyptian TV is still airing news of the new decisions and decrees the president is issuing. No new Government has been named yet, and I wonder who but the old guard of the regime would now agree to be named.
It was also announced yesterday that the curfew is now from 3 pm to 8 am. Very strange this curfew, no one is really following it but a few law abiding citizens fearing for both their lives and their properties. These fears being amplified by the worrying news aired by the Egyptian TV. No one though on the Governmental TV is drawing any conclusion nor even questions why were the prisons opened and the common criminals left out into the streets. They just say that prisoners are now on the loose and are looting everywhere. The civil defense committees set out by the people in their streets have been defending private properties at the best of their abilities, and no news of killings have yet emerged. There is a clear campaign of misinformation. Part of the defense of the "old" regime.

11.15 By now the numbers of protesters has swelled again to maybe around 10 thousand. Their spirits is still up. I just heard a few gun shots, but these do not come from the square.

11.37 I wonder what those gun shots were maybe they were just Army trying to keep protesters from getting too near them. It seems they have got orders not to be anymore inside the crowds so to have ways of moving fast. I wonder what that means.

11.51 More people are coming towards the square. The level of sound these protesters achieve is quite impressing. There are news that the curfew is now from 2pm to 8 am.

12.00 The square now has more than 25 thousands protesters, and more are coming.Rumors are flying from all sides and involve everything from Army shooting on protesters in Alexandria and other places to even assassination attempts on different personalities.

13.00 Some 40 thousand are now on the square demonstrating. By now when a helicopter passes by. The crowds can cover he sound of it, and they do, chanting "Erhal" (Leave)

14.00 More rumors saying that some army officers have said they had orders to shoot at around 3. One more hour to see. Curfew though is not implemented and there was no announcement to the people down here to go home or be shot. ???? The new government has been named most names are unknown but they are people from the regime and I doubt very much that the protesters will calm down, or accept them as legitimate.

14.15 Some more marches are joining in into the square, I believe that by now here must be a minimum of 70 thousands down there shouting that the people wants the regime to fall. I have news that this is happening all over the republic and all over Cairo too.  Actually, there are also unconfirmed news that protesters are out in the street in Beni Soueif, and are marching too. Somehow these are the first news that Upper Egypt is also joining. Also other rumors say that all the journalists of Al Gezira that were in their rooms in their hotels were arrested.

15.20 The Square is nearly covered by protesters and nothing seems to calm them down.
Maybe the president believes that he is the legitimate president of a country whom at the last election is supposed to have given him 90 per cent of their votes. It seems he believes these are the real results. I really wonder what he is thinking about or what he is trying to do. Does he believe he can survive this without a "blood bath" and is he thinking about just burning it to the ground before flying out? I wonder. The staccato of the slogans is helping me adjust the rhythm of my typing, and inspire me it seems.

February 1

2.45 The square still has a few thousand sleeping in. The weather is cold and people are trying to sleep. Some got tents, but most will sleep for the 4 th night in the street with nothing but what they are wearing. Last night though was colder, and it seems that tomorrow it might be even milder. Tomorrow the march to the presidential palace will start according to the protesters in the street. They promised to gather a million. I believe they will be gathering at least 1 in Cairo and another one in Alexandria.

10.45 Protesters are gathering. By now here is already 60 thousands already on the street. Rumors are flying that even before the start of the "Million's march" towards the presidential palace, there will be an announcement that the President has flown out of the country. However there are rumors that protesters might decide to stay on the square.

We will not be able to update this until the internet connection is restored across the country... we managed to do this with a little help ;)


mercredi 2 février 2011, 14:59

Paid members of the NDP together with some of government thugs attacked the peaceful demonstration mounted on horses and camels , there is a war down there they attacked maybe an hour ago.

We have seen lots of injured protesters being taken to the infirmary , within a few minutes someone counted up to 50
please share, and if you can come down to the Square please do it is a fight for your freedom and your country



mercredi 2 février 2011, 16:32
Supporters of Moubarak Have attacked at around 3 O'clock there are reports of trucks full of supporters bringing them down towards Tahrir Square .but actually the first wave of attack was a mounted attack, on horses and camels. Many protesters were injured in this first wave of attack. The numbers of protesters did dwindle for a moment but then in spite of at least one confirmed death and at least 50 to 60 injured, they kind of regrouped. At a point there was rifle shots being heard and it seems it was the army trying to keep the "peaceful" supporters away. At a point there was a big cloud of white smoke that was somewhere beside Simon Bolivar Square. The "peaceful" and law abiding supporters of the regime also attacked from Talaat Harb ,  Some molotov  were thrown from their ranks and the army had to send some warning shots to keep them at bay. Reports from Simon Bolivar square says that the white smoke was tear gas sent from the ranks of the "supporters". Other reports are saying that the same thing is also happening in Mohandessin. There are also reports that both the US president and the French president called for the immediate resignation of Mubarak.
The situation has slightly calmed down in Tahrir Square although the chaos is indescribable
Maybe our status of an hour ago should be rethought. Maybe it is time for regrouping counting our deads and our injured from both sides.
If anything new happens I'll come back on line telling you



jeudi 3 février 2011, 01:05
The situation has kind of calm now. The protesters were under attack from the Moubarak supporters coming from Abdel Moneim Ryad Square . The famous attack that started with the horses and camels. I suppose the horses and Camels were also from Moubarak supporters . This attack has been going on since 3 pm. And at a point was kind of joined by another attack from Kasr el Nil street but this one was repelled and seem to have been completely dispersed.On Abdel Moneim square there is kind of a status quo with the protesters keeping their positions, while the Pro- Moubarak crowds are standing on the bridge and are sending molotovs and stoned towards the Pro-testers. The fight there is still going on, but I was told the Pro-testers were Grand there.
The Square still stands and the protesters are still controlling it, but news are out that some attack is being prepared against them for the early morning are quite persistent.
News from this desk are cut for tonight.
Will resume in the morning.




jeudi 3 février 2011, 08:37
Good morning!
The protesters are still hanging on to the Square . Actually news are that they completely scattered the attack, sometime during the night. Another day is starting. 


Tahrir Square: Friday , February 3rd 15.10

jeudi 3 février 2011, 14:39
The Square is by now full of people while the battle trying to keep  pro -Government manifestations from entering into the square. It has been reported and confirmed by many witnesses that this battle started since 12 noon yesterday , with the furthest penetration made at around 15.00 hours yesterday, the I suppose by now Iconic mounted attack that has been shown on most TV channels around the world. The penetration was successfully stopped and pushed back. After a pathetic battle in which  the pro government forces succeeded in taking over two roofs just in front of the Museum, and started throwing stones and molotovs on the anti Moubarak protesters. A battle followed and raged for long hours, actually it still goes on there, in sporadic spurs. The pro-government forces are still on the bridge and throwing stones , the anti Moubarak protesters are standing a bit further down the bridge.
Rumors are flying everywhere. Most of them are quite difficult to believe. However it seems the new strategy of the government  is to cut off supply lines to the protesters . Citizens who are trying to get supplies in do succeed to send in supplies, but I heard of at least 2 accidents involving crowds breaking cars trying to reach he square to supply the protesters with food, water, and medical supplies.




TAHRIR SQUARE : Friday 3rd, 2011

jeudi 3 février 2011, 17:37
The battle at Abdel Moneim Ryad Square is now under protesters control again . The battle is still going on. Snipers were used by the Government supporting troops. By asking at the infirmary by the side of the Museum just off the front line. The Casualties for today on this specific infirmary has been 2 dead (shot in the head) and 226 injured.
Sporadic firearm shots were heard right now, probably the army trying to contain the attacks from the pro Government.




Tahrir Square: Friday 3rd, 2011 19.25 URGENT URGENT URGENT SHARE and send to lawyers

jeudi 3 février 2011, 18:38
All of a sudden, now the sound of the square is again roaring with anti Moubarak voices and they are shouting at the top of their voices "ERHAL" (GO AWAY)... Maybe he does not understand Arabic that's why I am translating, it seems it is as a reaction to the TV appearance and the speech of the Vice-president named by the man they want out, and they do not accept him as legitimate as coming out of a corrupt and broken regime after it actually had no more hold to the peace and security of the Streets of the Capital and a few other towns and cities. I suppose that this should be the actual case if shown before the Hague tribunal. Can anyone start this step. I am calling on International law specialist to check about this.
This also apply to the Newly appointed Government.




TAHRIR SQUARE: Friday 3rd, 2011

jeudi 3 février 2011, 20:11
This note is slightly different. I feel nothing much is happening down stairs at the moment, and somehow I started to try and understand what is really happening, I started wondering about the  hardheadedness of the present regime represented in Moubarak primarily but also of the people he named. I really think they don't listen. I ave to run for he moment but I will come back.
Now on the square there is a political meeting that does not get too much cheering.




TAHRIR SQUARE : Intended to be a status

jeudi 3 février 2011, 22:33
Well the situation seems now to be mostly calm and I am off to crash a bit. I mean I intend to go to sleep . I am crushing nothing. :)
Tomorrow is a long day and the moment for people to choose between, a false sense of security within a corrupt regime or a sense of chaos but with a possibility of starting anew and give a chance to honest and hard working people .
I have expectations .... but I've been disappointed so many times that I wonder.
The party has started anew down there and patriotic songs are blasted through the speakers , and the protesters too are I suppose going to sleep a bit. Tomorrow promises to be a long day and a dangerous one.



Misinformation and the Egyptian regime .... URGENT

vendredi 4 février 2011, 08:33
As usual our media institutions are just spreading rumors. I would like the people from my generation and older ones to remember how Victorious the regime was claiming to be until the 9th of June 1967. I would like everybody also to remember all the misinformation campaigns used repetitively to save governments or personalities within the last 60 years. I want everybody to try and think of how our History has seen rewrote for the personal honor of the rulers and this probably since Ramses the II.
Just think about all this and remember it is Egypt youth all of them from all parties and different colors of the political spectrum although the majority is just youth wanting the best for their future. They don't want to have a corrupt regime. Unfortunately it seems the older generations think that security is better than honor and corruption is better than hard work.
I believe that in this case those who are skeptic could at least have he decency to keep silent and Neutral. Even the Egyptian army took that choice.
That is all I have to say




URGENT Minister of Defense General Brigadier Tantaoui comes to Tahrir Square

vendredi 4 février 2011, 09:51
الجيش المصري جيشنا وحسني مش رئيسنا
The Egyptian army is our Army and Hosny is not our president

It Seems General Tantaoui came to the Museum a few minutes ago and this is how protesters welcomed him.  He wanted o talk to the crowds , but it seems protesters told him to go to the microphone on the Square so all could hear him. He now left this side and no one really knows where he has gone.
Situation on the Square is quite calm. Protesters are chanting. There are queues on the entrances of the Square for security checks but even though it is slowly letting the people in.




Tahrir Square: Status Quo

vendredi 4 février 2011, 18:51
Protesters are on the street . They came in in great numbers, there was at a time something like 700 thousands. and 700 thousands chanting, can roar quite high believe me. The protesters had a couple of unexpected visits , General - Brigadier Tantaoui , minister of defense, and Amr Moussa General secretary of the Arab league . However both either could not or would not go to where the mics are and the protesters gather to listen to incoming personalities probably because of the security risks involved for Public men to go through the square.
On the other fronts nothing is happening. What a day it was!





vendredi 4 février 2011, 21:00
I wish everyone who is thanking me for the photos and the trial to keep the Facebook world up to date news to stop doing so. I believe I am doing much less than I should do if I could for the cause of keeping these kids in the street who succeeded to make the most ferocious police forces retreat and succeeded in taking over the Square without violence, and only using some after they were beaten and had showers of tear gas bombs thrown on them.
The kids have made me feel proud of being Egyptian . They made me even prouder of being Egyptian when the same ferocious police forces were sent again wearing plain clothes and again they were beaten in a street battle and had to retreat again. And the kids are losing daily friends who fall either because of serious injuries or worse, those with small injuries keep coming back as soon as they can. Nonetheless, they don't take even time to cry for those dead friends and advance to get killed too. They are real Freedom fighters.
But there are some signs that the new policy will involve a military siege , letting the kids come out but not in again.
On the other hand, Misinformation campaigns are well orchestrated . And families and friends are now pressurizing the protesters because they are now brain washed by the Egyptian TV and the security forces rumor spreading organism.

The news on the Square are now very calm. By now because the weather is cold there is only the die hard who are still here. Helicopters are flying over the Square much more than usual though.





TAHRIR SQUARE: Saturday, February 05, 2011. Day 8 of the occupation of the Square. URGENT

samedi 5 février 2011, 00:41
A small attack just happened from Tahrir Square , involving a few molotov and some fire arm shots. The situation is now again in hand and the attack was small a few attackers maybe in a group of 10 or so. The attackers retreated after the attack. They just sent their molotov shot a few shots  and ran away.

Everything is back to normal. The whole thing took from 1.26 to 1.35. It is now 1.40 and the whole square is chanting again.




TAHRIR SQUARE: February 05, 2011 12.32 pm

samedi 5 février 2011, 11:33
It has been a calm night. Things seem to be under control and it is now prayer time. The protesters are still here and they seem to be determined.




TAHRIR SQUARE: February 05, 2011 4 pm

samedi 5 février 2011, 15:57
As you can see from the photos the Square is in a party mood still . check the photos.

Nothing really is happening but there is a sense of expectation all over. Some Army person came and tried to make an announcement saying that it was now time to go home. Had no effect on the protesters and they answered  "The Army and the people are one hand". Right now just after some kind of Islamic preacher said something probably my moslem friends , he was answered by the crowds "Ana Masri" which in a way was nice. By now people are shouting "Tahia Masr"




TAHRIR SQUARE: Saturday, February 06, 2011. Day 9 of the occupation of the Square.

dimanche 6 février 2011, 03:48
The night time party is still on. Everything is fine. Up till now there was no attack. One wonders what is in store for tomorrow. Nothing much happened today on the square. But the regime is trying to rethink its image. Getting rid of some of the figure heads that had during their long careers had accumulated an enormous amount of popular dislike.It has been raining and the night is cold. But in spite of the Government concessions, there was a not too diplomatic statement by the alleged  Prime Minister saying that the protesters have transformed the square into a Hyde Park and that they are safe there and that the alleged Government would be distributing bonbons to the protesters.
There is a call for another million man and woman for today. The arm wrestling is still on it seems.




TAHRIR SQUARE: Saturday, February 06, 2011.

dimanche 6 février 2011, 10:08
 The Party is on. The numbers are not impressive, but I have got reports that the entrances to the square are kind of blocked and that food has been refused clearance. But everything seems calm. There is a Mass planned after the midday prayer. Will keep you posted if anything exciting happens.





TAHRIR SQUARE: Saturday, February 06, 2011. 14.27

dimanche 6 février 2011, 14:06
The Party is really getting impressive although the entrances to the square have long security measures and the queue at the entrance on Kasr el Nil bridge goes up at least the new Opera. There must be close to half a million by now on the square, and many have come and left, many supporters bring in supply and blankets and then go home to take care of their daily life.
There's been news that there will be a concert sometime today.
The Mass did not take place replaced by a couple of prayers. Pictures will be uploaded but are not too impressive.



To all those who have been openly against the youth of Tahrir Square

dimanche 6 février 2011, 18:31
I am sorry to share this with all my friends  but I received a call for all who want a secular Egypt, this does not only apply to the secularity (sic) of the state.

According to the Youth who are in the movement no one wants that .
They all want a secular Egypt. But they also want a fair Egypt. They have done amazing things while you and your friends were trying by all the means in your power to scare them off. Or at least I remember a message of yours that implied that they were idiots who did not know what they were doing and were somehow unaware of realities. I personally wish I had been like them when I was their age.
They want an Egypt that will be from the people and for the people. An Egypt with laws that make sense and are fair for all.
Something no one of your generation or mine have ever experimented, or even my now dead parents or grand parents . The kids are doing this and on their own maybe can we trust them to do somethings most of us never even dreamed even to do.
I also would like to clarify to you that for the moment any involvement in Politics for anyone is factually a political suicide. Starting to make demands now specially after your initial position is not very correct morally speaking. :)



TAHRIR SQUARE: Saturday, February 06, 2011. 19.45 Heavy firearms shots salvo by army

dimanche 6 février 2011, 19:00
Some shots were heard a few minutes ago. However it seems it was just a defense salvo by the army to keep demonstrators calm. The incident started when some "thugs" tried to move the barricades of the demonstrators. The demonstrators took the attackers and were handing them to the army. The behind the barricades  demonstrators got slightly excited and the Army had to shoot this salvo in the air to calm the crowds.

And The PARTY is still going ON. There was even  a live concert during the day on the square. Some artists decided to come and paint the roads on the Square. WOODSTOCK on NILE



TAHRIR SQUARE: Monday, February 07, 2011. Day 10 of the occupation of the Square.

lundi 7 février 2011, 09:23
The night was calm once again. Last night the new Mohamed Mounir video was released. It asks a question : "HOW?"

It seems there is some nervousness on the Square right now. Might be an attack.
If I do not write anything within the next 15 minutes then it is again a false alarm. Nonetheless I believe that it is just that a false alarm as the music is still blasted from the loud speakers.
If not I'll keep you all posted.





Some of the jokes being sent out as smsses

lundi 7 février 2011, 11:30
أقوى عقاب لصفوت الشريف وفتحى سرور إن الشعب يمنع عنهم صبغة الشعر
The worst punishment for Safwat Al Sherif and Fathi Sourour is to cut off hair dies from them.

ردا على جمعة الغضب , وجمعة الرحيل , ويوم الشهداء ,وأسبوع الصمود . أعلن الرئيس أنه قرر التنحى فى يوم القيامة
As an answer to Anger Friday,  Departure Friday, Memorial Day, and the week of Resilience, The president announced
that he had decided to step down in the Day of Resurrection (Easter Friday)

New word added to the dictionary: Mubarak [V.] : To stick myself. Example: I will mubarak you to the wall




TAHRIR SQUARE: Monday, February 07, 2011. 13.30

par Pierre Sioufi, lundi 7 février 2011, 12:33
Another funeral of the Martyrs of the Revolution passed through the Square today. It was the funeral of the Egyptian journalist Ahmad Mahmoud who received a live bullet while being in his office in the Al Ahram building. The funeral started from the syndicate of journalists in spite that Safwat El Cherif who is still the head of the Supreme Council for the Press. Maybe he could also present his resignation from that post. Specially after the ridiculous way the government medias have covered the events.

But in spite of the funerals and the loss of friends , the Party still goes on



TAHRIR SQUARE: Monday, February 07, 2011. Day 11 of the occupation of the Square.

mardi 8 février 2011, 09:08
A slow night. An eerie night actually. For the first time It felt like there were people sleeping. I believe protesters were just exhausted and crashed as today might be hard , they called for another march of the million, the logistics involved in such an event are quite complicated specially that the nerves might be slightly tense.

10.00 Most people are still sleeping or at best waking up. There is a strange piece of news released by the "Al Jazeera Arabic", that claims that the President might be flying very soon to Germany for some health checks. Nonetheless it seems that the Square either hasn't heard,  is cautious about the wording or that it is not sure how to react.  Maybe they can also get the more urgent measures being the dissolution of the National Democratic Party and the two houses.



TAHRIR SQUARE: Tuesday, February 08, 2011. Day 12 of the occupation of the Square.

mardi 8 février 2011, 17:35
I wonder if occupation of the square is the right way to describe what is happening. The biggest march up till now. And now it is a march, there are news that the Parliament the Shura Council and  the Council of Ministers are under siege, or at least cordoned off by demonstrators.
And still the great Party
however , the status quo is still standing. The Government is still claiming that they are in control and ready to negotiate while the fact is that they are facing a general case of civil disobedience and that this is over for them.
I believe the old regime is trying to find some way of securing themselves, nonetheless my personal belief is that they should go the fastest possible. The more this movement is going on, the bigger the crowds demonstrating, the more escalation happens and the demands become more radical.
If the regime would listen to me who is an independent I would suggest to them to go away right now as the demonstrators are still mild in their demands.

The situation on the Square is still the Party , actually some succeeded in building a stage on the square for concerts and artistic endeavors.




TAHRIR SQUARE: Tuesday, February 08, 2011. 23.47

mardi 8 février 2011, 22:56
The situation is getting tense again. If here the situation is calm and everything is under control and the Party is still going on.
There has been a hardening of position by the demonstrators as they went towards the Parliament and are now in the Maglis al Shaab street camping in front of the main gate. But having secured the street beginning on  the side of Kasr El Aini  and up till Falaki street.

Cameras to be positioned on them would be very welcome by International Press I would imagine.




TAHRIR SQUARE: Wednesday, February 09, 2011. Day 13 of the occupation of the Square.

mercredi 9 février 2011, 13:43
All is well. Music in the air after last night's concert when the Song of the Revolution was presented.On the Magliss el Chaab front  there are about 400 protesters sitting in under the protection of the people , some of them being Health Ministry employees chanting against the Regime. They have control over the stretch of magliss el Chaab Street same as yesterday note. check it please.

 From our Special Correspondent in Abdine.
Urgent News from Abdine Square By our : In their first major appearance, the men in black have cordoned off Abdine Square from angry women in black. They were promised housing by the governate then told to shove it. Very smart. What a great regime, it's doing it's best to support the revolution.

Men in black: The Police
Women in black: Lower class Cairenes (can bite)




Thoughts about Governments and state of law and other things

mercredi 9 février 2011, 22:05
Dr. Gaber Asfour , the minister of Culture of that unexisting and unknown Government we had for the last few hours , I am not sure it was more than 100, has resigned citing Health problems. This I suppose means legally that the Government has failed. Egypt therefore does not have a Government, nor does Moubarak nor Omar Soleiman. So Legally, the protesters have succeeded in their revolution.  We have a President, a Vice President and a Prime minister. But no Ministry.
Moreover the protesters have succeeded in closing the doors to the Parliament , an unlawful Parliament as even the Parliament Head (whom the protesters also do not recognize and want out  the man who was a President for a few days during the comedy that happened after the death of Sadate ) has recognized than more than two thirds of the members have used unlawful means to get elected. Moreover , the protesters blocking the doors to the Parliament have actually stopped those "cinematic extras" members of Parliament of being able to meet.

The comedy is going on. Dr. Gaber Asfour, was replaced by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the man who was forced to resign from the presidency of the syndicate  of Actors not later than this morning.

Surrealistic !!!!




jeudi 10 février 2011, 19:19
Tahrir Square  has been celebrating for a long time. Actually celebrations started since the morning, but even the most politicized are also celebrating. Although actually nothing happened. The whole thing continues to be surrealistic.
The Square though is bubbling with the sweet taste of victory.

Even if all the news are real, which I still doubt we had too many moments when the Victory seemed so clear. And then some new person would come and say that everything was fine and they will send us bonbons, or other really unbelievable bullshit.

I personally still demand the disbanding of the NDP, National Democratic Party. And immediately. Again this is my personal opinion for a chance to build an Egypt that I would be happy to live in and proud of being Egyptian for ever after.

 With Love to all from Midan El Tahrir. :)





jeudi 10 février 2011, 20:57
There are millions in the Square. and the news from and around  the Square are getting more and more worrying. I believe that many of the celebrators are getting ugly. Some of the women already are leaving the square . The situation is electrical and some use the crowd for behaviors that can only be described as sexual harassment. There are too many people in the Square right now. Maybe is there some who will be trying for a last gap for the regime trying to turn the celebrations into some kind of blood bath. On the other hand, there is also a wedding ceremony going on somewhere else on the Square.

Incertainty continues and nothing is really clear. Some Rumors say that Mr. Sillysillyman will stay on which is also completely rejected by the kids of Tahrir Square. I really wonder what is going on. I also do not want any more "Free officers" and the such.

Maybe I am just a worryer
we will see




Tahrir celebrations Urgent

jeudi 10 février 2011, 21:25
Everyone is here around either a radio or a television waiting for the victory however some of the signs are kind of disappointing. It can be a technique so that if the victory is done then the Egyptian people will be fine and celebrations must occur.
But for some reason I am still quite pessimistic  as the way I read the news, I kind of feel the same as in 1967 when the information ministry back then was controlled by the Army and made an amazing brain wash while hiding the shameful defeat until when they announced the truth ... people came out  chanting "A7a A7a La Tatanaha"

I am so afraid that we are getting Mr Sillyman as a goodbye present.

let's hope it is only my worrying .





jeudi 10 février 2011, 22:05
He doesn't understand at all. WE need to be 80 millions in the streets. This is just crazy, he does not understand. And I was kind of right worrying. tHE HARDHEADEDNESS IS JUST INCREDIBLE i THINK HE SHOULD JUST UNDERSTAND THAT 60 YEars are maybe too much , he should get his pension and go.
What he said today is the most incredible bullshit I've ever heard in my life. As I expecte4d it is still another 1967.
 I believe the fight will be going on .
I believe that Mr President just can not understand that he is one of the main problem , but on the other hand I thank him because this is maybe the only way we will be able to topple all the dirty rests of a regime that corrupted us all.
 Is it so difficult to understand that the Egyptian people want now to try and be proud of themselves and free of this brain wash they had been using for the last 70 years,
  THe dissolution and disbandment of the NDP, I believe it is them who call him and tell him not to go. We are all behind you. Please don't go we will defend you. I wonder though how can he believe that unless he listens to news that are different that to those we hear. He still believes that he is important to keep the peace of the region.
 I want to warn all those who think that his keeping might keep the region in hand are really wrong. This is a disaster.
  In any case, we want to thank Mr President for his lovely career but why can't he understand that the people have decided that he must go. And the people is the boss of the president. Do they have a syndicate for presidents to defend him?
 We also have to remember that Hosni Moubarak has acted in a movie... Maybe he believes he is a good actor or a convincing one. Why isn't the oscar given to him ?






, vendredi 11 février 2011, 00:50
Don't know what is the result of this second disappointment to the revolutionaries ?
I believe he is trying aided by his men to keep a hold on power!
Moubarak has dared again to describe the protesters as sold outs to foreign powers.
This is something that made me join the revolutionaries , up till now I was just covering the event trying to keep a moral and truthful coverage of this revolution. After his provocative statement, I decided to get down to the streets .

The plans for tomorrow, is that the protests should be going on everywhere.
The deposed President (because that is what he is actually) should feel that all what is left to him is his bulls from the NDP, and that every non NDP should be in the streets protesting and chanting .... "Mesh hanrawah , Howa yerawah"
We are not going , he should go and "Erhal" GO.

I also call for all NDP members who are not happy with what is happening to actually present their resignation from the Party, I mean even Gamal Moubarak did, so why don't you follow him? Wasn't Gamal the hope of the Party?

 I call upon all Egyptians from all stratas to just start a civil disobedience movement.
Strikes have started even in those strongholds of the regime. Many a syndicate has overturned and are now in the streets demonstrating.  We have to be all one hand , and depose him by the sheer force of numbers.





Tahrir Square - New fronts opened - OROUBA palace and Maspero

vendredi 11 février 2011, 01:24
From one of our correspondent  in Maspero (TV building)

Its now about control of the message.  The cause is clearly just, and the people have clearly adopted the message.  BUT, the regime, like a wounded beast, in its final death throes is still trying to manipulate the minds of the people with all the tools of the media at their disposal - newspaper, television, and radio.   This is the choke point.  This is where we need to ensure that we maintain pressure on the regime to a) turn journalists/newscasters to our side by finally realizing the extent of the popular uprising and b) to prevent easy access for the regime to the building - make it much harder for them to continue manipulating their message.  We did this successfully with the Prime Minister - because of the demonstrations, he couldn't get to his office and ended up delaying a meeting with the US ambassador for 2 hours. The government will have to make a stand here - they will either need to make sure they control the tools of the media - which would mean violently removing the protester; or submitting to their demands and Mubarak stepping down immediately
I have just come from the radio and television building and their are about 7,000 people there; with a few thousand more heading there from Tahrir.  The atmosphere is somewhat tense.  The building is surrounded with tanks and barbed wire.  there are heavily armed soldiers that are not exhibiting any of the friendliness that those around Tahrir square normally do.  They are not being unfriendly, just very serious.  On the first floor balconies of the radio and television building there are two locations with soldiers standing behind heavy machine guns pointing outwards in the direction of the crowd. 
The crowds are chanting "down with the fraudulent media, down with the fraudulent broadcasters, down with mubarak" 

We also have news that some protesters the numbers being unconfirmed but thought to be somewhere between 400 and 2 thousands have arrived to he Orouba Palace and are standing there, our correspondent in Khalifa el Maamoun.

Rumors have it that the Army opened them the way to let them pass.




TAHRIR SQUARE : The kids did it ... now what?

, samedi 12 février 2011, 12:54
The revolution has pushed out  a dictator, and ended a dictatorial regime. WOW. I love it. I had moments of discouragement but the kids were there fighting for their cause with a determination rarely seen. They forced the police and their henchmen to retreat . It is true that they were helped by the fact that the uprising was all over Egypt and the security forces were over extended. Without the battles between the security forces and the activists in Suez City and other towns, the revolution would have failed.

Now the revolution has succeeded in removing the dictator. Nevertheless, the situation remains unclear. What happens to all the figureheads of the regime? A short list includes personalities such as Safwat El Cherif, Zakareya Azmy, Fathi Sourour, Moufid Chehab and also Hisham Talaat Moustafa. An exhaustive list would include many more people, but it should not turn into a witch hunt. What is needed is a process of political cleansing with prosecution of the corrupt and criminal under a fair and independent  legal system that will give them a chance to present their case.

The National Democratic Party must be disbanded. It is not so much a political party as a club of the same elite that has been ruling Egypt since the mid-40's under different names with different figureheads.

The president should be above party politics.

If the president is a member of a party then a condition of assuming the presidency should be that he resigns from the party.

And I still demand the disbandment of the NDP




TAHRIR SQUARE: The day after

dimanche 13 février 2011, 10:09
As I already pointed out repetitively, the work to clean up Egypt has just started, if one reads the newspapers it is very strange, on one hand  some publish that President Moubarak went out of Egypt in a Touristic trip, he needs to calm down I suppose, on the other hand there are news of a list of 43 mainly ministers of the old regime that have been put on a list for those forbidden to leave the country. Already some international analysts are claiming this is more of a military coup than a revolution. Somehow the presence of General Tantaoui , the armed force minister, a close personal friend of the deposed dictator and one of his most trusted assistants is kind of a sign and symbol that analysts cannot really miss. I will though point out to Mr General, that there was a man called Mohamed Naguib, a general too, that was overthrown by the people he helped .

There is a support Moubarak group on Facebook that is doing a counter attack and is trying to stop the revolution. if you want to check it

I believe that we need to get somehow a law that would prevent anyone who had links with the NDP at any time from being candidates for any position for the next 4 years.