March 8, 2007


A German couple seems to walk in the footsteps of many Egyptian Gods and Kings, Goddesses and Queens, and some of the Greeks , Incas and even Biblical figures. Actually most mythologies have stories of incest. The German couple even have four offspring. Three of those were taken away and relocated by the government. The story has run in different places but it feels like a hoax. I wonder though if the BBC, CNN, and all the others do not check their sources. However, even if it is a hoax, it is interesting to see that there were not too many people who commented on blogs. The few who did were on different shades of the anti incest league spectrum, going from defending old morals on the ground of them being old and therefore well tried, to Neo Christian blogs that incidentally are political and fanatical supporters of George Bush, some being less obviously so in spite of some unacceptable comments about Europe and Europeans, through a doubtful sense of humor, while this was the less adamant one.
Does this stem from a disinterest in the question of whether the bases for the illegality (criminalization) of incest are sound? Or do some predict already that it could give a blow to their faith? After all, taboos and religions are closely related. Actually the Bible features at least two stories about incest done by the good guys (those preferred by God almighty), even if Lott did not do it consciously he still got kids from his daughters, while Moses himself, after receiving the 10 commandments, received as a bonus a special permission to marry his half sister. There is also the obviously naive question of how did Adam's and Eve's offspring multiply, and the same naivete stands about Noah and his arch.
My goal though is not to discuss religion.
Anti abortionists view point is quite clear cut, but I am not sure it is as logic as it seems to assume. I wonder what is their point of view about this case.
The truth though is that permissiveness about incest has been correlated with the internet in yet another attempt into diabolizing it and this as far back as 2002.

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