March 1, 2007


I've been thinking about blogs and what to do with them. In my opinion, it is a platform for reaching out. A place to leave a fingerprint for the rest of the world. Is it really worth leaving anything to the world? What I mean is that our world has enough bullshit all over , actually one of the biggest problems the world at large is having is to find a way to discard the waste. Ideally all of it. The industrialized world is using the third world to do so, they also tried the oceans and some specifically advanced countries even thought about sending that waste into orbit. Some even try recycling. However all these are just temporary solutions. Kind of an escape into the future. In a way we are just shelving the waste, until some solution to the problem is found. That could take a few generations. However the homo sapiens is a doomed species. Homo sapiens will have to mutate into some other scientifically definable entity, (could be electromagneticum sapiens) if life is to go on and I mean planet earth originated life. According to many scientists, we are on the no return curve as far as Global Warming is concerned, even if we are not there yet. I am not scientifically convinced by any of the two contradicting theories but then I am not a scientist nor would I have been willing to make the effort it involves to become one. I take this opportunity to proclaim my respect for those who undertook scientific careers.
Basing myself on proven historical theories, such large scale and uncontrollable change will be once again a sign for mutational forces to come into play in order to preserve life. But then again there are signs that these mutational forces are already working much faster than they did for the last 2 millenniums if not more. I am basing myself on the spread of mysterious diseases to animals. Mad cow disease and Bird flu to mention the most commonly referred to in news items. They are the result of viruses mutation same as HIV. What has been helping those mutational forces include deforestation, industrial pollution, transportation pollution (cars, planes, trains, etc....)

Some scientist would disagree I suppose and I would have to sit down and listen to these modern sorcerers in awe and respect (probably falling asleep). They do know so much more than I do about all that.

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