February 23, 2007

Speaker's Corner

The Blogosphere should be considered as a virtual Speaker's corner, and should be defended by all the democrats in the world. By democrats I mean people who believe in democracy and not the American party.

Kareem Amer (AbdelKarim Nabil Suleiman) has been condemned to 4 years in prison for having expressed his views on his blog. I wonder why? After all he just wrote about issues that bothered him, and was ready to receive answers and discuss those views. In a way he was opening up so that he could be convinced of the mistake in his arguments or eventually to prove that his views are defendable. Isn't this what democracy is all about?

I wish every single person in the world to join the Free Kareem campaign and to sign all the petitions that are circulating, I wonder though if it would make any difference.


johncgreen@gmail.com said...

Does anyone else see a connection
between this unfortunate situation
and the famous cartoons published in

LeMag said...

Of course. In his blog where he has his last post dated october 28th,2006 kareem he, himself has a link to a webpage to support the danish fredom of expression in all languages and predicting what will happen to him at the eve of his arrest.Quiet amazing coming from a 21 years old egyptian.
Taken by admiration I translated his post!

johncgreen@gmail.com said...

Thanks LeMag for the background and the translation!