February 8, 2007

Aegyptiaca scrubs

I was in Luxor a couple of years ago on a shoot for the BBC and I found this guy selling loofah. I liked his smiling face and I liked the way he displayed his loofah.

Loofah are used to scrub. They are excellent for skin cleaning and scrubbing. They are supposed to also stimulate the circulatory system and enhance regeneration of healthy skin cells.

The scientific name is luffa aegyptiaca.

The way they look when they are peeled is quite erotical. Unfortunately when bought for washing up they need to be opened. You insert a cutter in one of the holes, open it up ill the other extremity and just unroll from the middle so that they have a bigger surface.

Loofah plants are quite nice but to plant them you need a good spot of quite sunny land, lots of water and something for them to climb on.

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