February 9, 2007

BBC Shoot

As I was saying I worked with a BBC production early 2005. I was asked to help for casting of the small parts as because of "slight" over spending the BBC needed to hire small parts and extras from Egypt. I was even asked to perform as one of the artists brought in by Champollion to help him draw all the Pharaonic artifacts he needed to be able to learn more about Egypt, which I did.

Champollion was portrayed by Elliot Cowan. He is a warm and nice fellow, actually he seemed to me like one of the few non Egyptians I met on that shoot that I could hit a friendship with. Unfortunately, I lost all ways to get in touch with him when I lost my cellular phone sometime soon after the shoot. Don't know what happened to him, tried to look him up on the net but could not find any of his news. I hope he is still kicking and acting bigger and bigger roles.

This is an Egyptian production assistant that was asked to be made up in order to check the result of the blue dye. Quite striking isn't it?

If anyone is in a hurry to watch it you can order it on Amazon, or wait untill it is shown on a free channel. I heard it was aired quite often. Never saw it myself though.

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