February 4, 2007

New World Wonders

Once again I go for a kind of a game. This time though I did not surf into it. I got an alarmed message from an old friend. He was calling upon my nationalism and love for my country. He was saying that our National Glory was in danger. He meant the Pyramids.
Some touristic marketing company decided to pick 7 wonders to replace the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Intrigued I surfed there, did a bit of research, wondered a long time before providing them with my email (twice they need you to reconfirm it). I eventually decided to register to try and save the primordial place of the Pyramids for generations to come (if there is any inspite of Global warming).
Eventually, while I was getting the email confirmation, through which I was given those votes I reassured myself that after all nothing could change the fact that our Pyramids are the longest standing man made Wonder and that was already true when that list was compiled .
The registration process is easy and the voting should be quite easy too. However I found myself in front of 21 choices that are the short list and found out that those short listed are not really (apart from the Pyramids) what I would consider as wonders, well I always dreamt to visit Petra and the concept behind the Great wall of China is staggering (not so much anymore since the US are trying to emulate it)

I have an idea for those useless votes I possess and might not use, maybe I should sell them on Ebay to the highest bidders.

In the mean time GO Egypt Go.

We all have an appointment with HISTORY on 7/7/7

I am also compiling my own list of wonders but for the moment you can check those linked below.

More Links

ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers (a list of modern wonders)
Machu Picchu
Petra (Jordan)

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