February 27, 2007

King Kong

Been sometimes since I last posted cinema posters. This time I chose King Kong (1933), the Egyptian one folio posters for redistribution as examples. Those posters have a strange mistake on them as the producer is named as director, and the directors are not credited.

Strangely, the second one was printed in 1977, after the release of the remake produced in 1976, King Kong: The legend reborn. The first one though is probably a bit older.
The King Kong saga does not stop there as there was a new remake in 2005, also there are many other King Kong based movies. to name a few Queen Kong and the Son of King Kong.
King Kong movies are fun to watch. They also are precursors of what has become known as the adventures movies series similar to Rambo, Terminator and the such. King Kong though always lost at the end unlike his human patriotic sequels.

After all the big ape is not an American patriot, and he attacks the US instead of defending them, maybe that is the reason why the King Kong movies feature a scene where the gentle hearted monster dies while watching his beautiful co-star being taken away by the great american forces sent in by the Pentagon.

May God save King Kong.

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Anonymous said...

Very good interpretation, and surely you are right. The major production af American films are based on the fu.. imbeatable US. Showing that they can always strike averyone down. Full of their values and not giving importance to the other cultures. We see how this reactionary period has started with the complicity of many other countries too.