January 23, 2007

Some due explanations

This is just an explanation for those who wonder (it seems though I am the one who wonders about it the most) why do I give so much weight to the horoscopes and the personality test. Why do I think it matters, although I did underline my belief that horoscopes are crap. Why is it so important ?
Seriously, what started me on this blog was this urge of having an audience that would read or see my crap (some friends of mine would now accuse me of fishing and they know me well). Nonetheless, the truth is that my intent was that anyone who would check my blog more than 24 hours apart should find a new thing to read, or to watch, or to see, or to think about, I myself wonder if I will keep it up.
I don't really know if this is just a New Year Resolution. It could be. Yes I am the type of guy who can get passionate about somethings and then just forget them or even worse hiding them in unorganized boxes, also the kind of guy who can break his resolution 15 minutes into the New Year (I actually remember doing exactly that once. The resolution was then to quit smoking.)
All this is an introduction. (My God , how can anybody understand what I am talking about. Please help my readers.)

The Explanation

I found out that the main info about me in my profile were the Moon's whereabouts when I was born, and I thought that maybe I should give more meat to those carnivorous (some of these are vegans) of such details (it seems to be of importance, I don't remember having asked for that to be shown on my profile).

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