January 18, 2007

Egyptians are No 1

The Egyptian Museum overlooking Tahrir Square traffic

We are the champions.
Well more accurately our diplomats in New York at the UN are.
It seems our diplomats there have nostalgia for our Egyptian traffic.
Home sickness? Or maybe it is just because they are working so hard.

Cairo Traffic is chaotic at best. Namely because we Egyptians have decided that one is allowed to park for a few minutes even in third row as long as the baby needs his lollipop or soft drink, or because this is the only ATM on your way to your shopping errands.

We also decided that red lights mean go upfront as much as you can without getting bumped into and then stop indecisively as maybe you can eat up a few more centimeters that would give you the advantage (when the lights you cannot see anymore turn to green). In the meantime pedestrians have to find a way to slalom between cars to cross the street. Maybe when the Global Warming will make snow fall on Cairo this slalom experience will come in handy

One has to say that pedestrians decided to fight back and are also doing the same all the time.

All this to say that we have been seriously coaching all Egyptians and the visitors for this championship that our diplomats highly earned.

BBC: Egyptian diplomats owe NY city 2 Millions US $ in parking tickets (read article)

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