January 26, 2007

Changes are taking place

Changes are taking place... in the world, many of them, the Americans invented 2 new military technologies. One burns the enemy from as far as 500 meters and is supposed not to be lethal and the other one makes you slip on something called black ice.
Lebanon is at the brink of another civil war.
I am sure I could find many other changes taking place, however those I am referring to are those I want to make on this blog.
This is why I am apologizing in advance for any trouble accessing kikhote in the few days to come.
It is also the reason why my blog is having a slower rate of posting. I am a bit illeterate when it comes to HTML and other programing language names I can mistake for anything from jewels to military planes.
Hopefully, everything will be set by the end of February.
Posts will continue to be posted but the main look of kikhote might be changing slightly over time.

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