January 14, 2007

2001: Postcards collecting

2001: article published by Al Ahram Weekly (Thanks to the editor).

I still wonder why I collect postcards. But Some Postcards do have a magical effect on me. Not so much because they are postcards. It is not really their value, if any as postal history that excites me. It is the strangeness of some of them. In the article mentioned above I try to explain this fascination , and maybe one day will you find posted here in better resolution the postcards mentioned there.
This one shown here is a gem.
It is not a true postcard, it has been printed on postcard photo paper, but is an obvious reminder of 1967 (at least it is for me).
I really find the look of the planes and the obvious photo montage quite charming, even though in certain moods it could start me on some rebuilding the world scheme.

The Global warming up is not giving me much hope.

In a way though that Global warming up could be what saves humanity from the wars for water that are also predictable in our much over heated and complex global schizophrenia.

I don't believe I am yet used to the exhibitionism on the net.

I might become used to it and maybe even enjoy it.

I need my time.


Qui Vivra verra.

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