January 28, 2007


This little yawning kitten turned out to be the most caressing and trusting tom cat I've ever seen. He was a lovely character.
How come he got called Orandji?
Well, actually he was christened as Goldi, however a friend of mine who does not really like animals, in a moment of genius, watered down with a zist of disgust, told me: "but why do you call him Goldi, he is at best Orandji" and thus he was renamed. I believe she is somehow frightened by cats while she claims they just "disgust" her. Well she is not alone in her case, actually in Egypt, very few are animal lovers, I suppose it has to do with education and inaccurate myths that are fed to us during our infancy and even during our teens.

I would like to thank John Green for taking this video and also taking the time for editing it. When I saw it, memories of this lovely and so gentle cat submerged me. Orandji left his den last year and was never seen again. I remember Orandji fondly and actually miss him sometimes.
John is a guy who lives in Michigan but comes and visit Cairo often. He was somehow discouraged while discussing international politics whith Egyptians. According to him, Egyptians are suffering from a black out of information concerning the Iranian regime. He has another blog in which he discusses the Iranian situation. There I found this funny Iranian propaganda cartoon that somehow ridicules the American military might , strategies and the results it gets. Hope you like it.

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