July 23, 2007

Utter Madness

From time immemorial building big was perceived as positive steps for humanity as a whole. Most advanced techniques and hard working underpaid labor were used extensively in order to build ever more gigantic ... However when a whole town is to be put into one building in one small city... this is utter madness.
More Pollution, more carbon prints for those who will live or work there.... Actually , it does not need to be so, a couple of floors could be dedicated to the recycling of trash, another for the batteries needed to save the energy that could be gathered by solar panels that would replace the windows I suppose that on 160 floors there must be a lot of those ... the rest of the surfaces being covered by the wind power gathering micro windmills that would continue gather power during the nights. I suppose that in this case the shareholders could even make money just by selling their extra electricity... in Europe, actually in Germany, the government started encouraging by lending money specifically for structural changes to home produce clean energy and promises to buy the extra produced by the individual houses.

In the case of the yet to be finished biggest building now in Dubai expected to reach up to 800 meters, I doubt that is the case.

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