July 28, 2007

Toes Story

This toe is on display at the Cairo Museum and is a serious contender to the title of the oldest practical prosthesis. The actual holder of that title is the Roman Capua Leg that does not exist any more as it was destroyed in an air raid during world war II.

Out of Patriotic reasons I believe that it is actually 700 years older than the lost leg. Nonetheless, I also believe that Ancient Egyptians were quite advanced in the scientific field of medicine, after all there was a quite a long period in history where Egyptians had discovered and were using quite extensively mummification. On the other hand, I am not sure that they were the only ones to do so. I suppose that China and India were also quite advanced in those fields much before Europe and white skin supremacy was at the time the New World Order.

Often I wonder, if the Greeks were a civilizational power (same as US today) or just ignorant barbaric hoards of bandits who pillaged and plundered their peaceful neighbors, same as the Roman who eventually took over definitely were. The same stands actually for all the Empires built by our amazingly crude human race.

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