July 9, 2007


Facebook is flourishing in Egypt. For the very few who are not familiar to the phenomenon Facebook is just a social networking internet site. Maybe you heard about Myspace (I am registered on it however I haven't checked it for a long time), Bebo, or friendster. They all do more or less the same , they help you keep up with friends and also to make new virtual ones.Strange it never happened with myspace, or the once very popular Hi5 or many other of those networking sites, I used to just mark all invitations as junk. Don't know what attracted me into Facebook. Reconnecting with people one has not seen for long is often a pleasure. But this involves a lot of catching up to do. Moreover having found myself administrating 2 groups it takes also time to check out what happens in those. After adding Brigitte Bardot as my friend, I fell in the trap and now I am kind of addicted to this social networking thing. Maybe that explains my slower rate of posting on this blog. But that is not the only reason.. the truth is I am kind of slightly disappointed with the relative failure of this blog to attract readers or comments, on the other hand news are not inspiring me too much anymore, maybe I should try another news provider than the BBC, but I believe it is the least biased news source one can get, you find examples of US police unexplainable brutality, (is it so unexplainable? within the contest of the Terror fight that has been predicted by UK officials to last up to 15 more years ... it might not be, after all this 70 years old odd looking white female could be grimed and be a Jihadi or even Ben Laden himself whom we all imagine would not have the time nor the cultural background to water a lawn)
In the meantime, Prominent Shiite and Sunni politicians called on Iraqi civilians to take up arms to defend themselves after a weekend of violence that claimed more than 220 lives . But on the other hand Federer did it and wrapped a fifth Wimbledon title during that same week end. So let's wrap it up too with this cute song...dedicated by the Iraqis to the pacifying and peaceful forces that are finishing up the job officially terminated on May 1st 2003. Mesdames et Messieurs, I introduce you to Joe Dassin's Ca ne va pas changer le monde que tu changes de maison, il va continuer le monde et il aura bien raison.

If you feel like you
Watch funny lip synchronization and the tacky video clip production of the song

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