June 5, 2007

Royal Collection

During the first exhibition I did, I used one of the floors to show these coats of arms inspired by the Royal memorabilia that were used to decorate the big ceremonial tents, they used to hang on top of the poles that were holding those tents.

The form of those just inspired me into some personal views of life. So there was the Sumo wrestler that turned upside down transformed into a Pharaoh's head, there was a fish in an aquarium and a badly drawn Marylin with her skirt blown up, a cooking pot, etc...

I wonder what I was trying to do. Because if I was trying to desacralize a symbol, then I was coming far too late, on the other hand if I used the outdated symbol as a symbol then ... it is open to onlookers interpretations.

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أحمد said...

اهلا اهلا يا فنان
انت نورت المدونات