June 16, 2007

America, America

is the title of a film that was nominated for the Oscars in 1963 and was directed by Elia Kazan, based on a novel he wrote about his uncle.
But it is also the half sarcastic repressed outcry by the masses of non Americans when they hear stories such as the Oklahoma time capsule. I mean it is quite ironic that the most advanced technologically and the most powerful military "civilizational force" was not capable of beating rust and decay forces for a mere 50 years.
Well after all I might be exaggerating. It is nothing but a publicity stunt gone sour. But somehow it is not important as the last new model sold under the Plymouth marque was the second generation Neon for 2000-2001.


John said...

You really need to stop and think before you make a general statement
about affairs in the USA "civilization" based on something that happened
in Oklahoma, of all places. If you ever vist the USA, spend some time in
New York first and then go to Oklahoma. You'll see what I mean. I grew
up in Oklahoma. It is a provincial place where such things as a time
capsule that can't hold out moisture are to be expected. "Okies, Okies"
would have been a better title for your post, but I suppose it would have
been lost on most Egyptians. It's a lot more fun just to hate America
indiscriminately, isn't it?

p2 said...

Hi John,
I am sorry if this post disturbed or angered you. Once again though you accuse me of not thinking before making statements. I wonder where you get this confidence about understanding my intellectual whereabouts or my ideological stands.
In this case I just found the story quite funny and wanted to share it with the few people who read my lucubrations.
I really don't know where to begin answering you. I'll start by the title that seems to have bothered you while the whole story was nothing but a bit of sarcasm and irony indirectly inspired by Woody Allen, Mel Brooks and other gret American satirists.
Otherwise, I would never have called it Americans, Americans. This is because I try not to classify human beings. About Oklahoma being backward it probably is only a matter of politics and of scarcity of investment.
About your second accusation which is hating indiscriminately or the inciting of indiscriminate hate I would refer you to a comment by a certain Jason
who claims he is from the US to my new world wonders post.


I claim that I am not inciting to hate and I doubt many would consider this story as such.

At the same time I wish I could win such a beauty as The Plymouth 57 but not the one coming out from this time capsule, Is there an equivalent capsule in New York and if there is, how can I get into the draw?


John said...

Hey Pierre,

I'm not disturbed or angry, I'm just amused! An Oklahoma "time capsule" is not something one can realistically cite as representative of US "civilization."
A comparison like that just comes across to me as a silly way to put down the US (as if one needs to go to Oklahoma to find something wrong with the US). If that's not what you intended, I'm very happy, but when you jump from an incident reported in Oklahoma to a comment about the whole US along with another one about an "exasperated outcry from masses of non-Americans," what am I supposed to think? Why should anybody be exasperated? Oklahoma is famous for producing second-rate products and ideas of all kinds. Most of the time that's fine because the population there has low expectations. As I said, Oklahoma is a provincial place where most of the people haven't traveled much and aren't too well educated. Call it politics and scarcity of investment if you like, but that's what exists there and there's no call for exasperation. It's mostly a poor underprivileged place. There are many exceptions of course. There are even people in Oklahoma there who could design a time capsule that would work!