June 3, 2007

Diamonds are forever

Damien Hirst hits again with more macabre "artworks". He set for 12 millions Sterling pounds of diamonds into a skull and evaluated it at 50 million Sterling Pounds about 500 million Egyptian Pounds. The piece called "For the Love of God" must be quite a sight. Hirst claims that the piece is "uplifting and takes your breath away". It was inspired by a turquoise Aztec skull from the British Museum and Hirst hopes that they both will be shown side by side. Modesty does not seem to be one of his forte.
Charles Dupplin (art expert from specialist insurer Hiscox) saluted "another bold move" by Hirst adding that it is "a spectacular piece and undoubtedly the work with the highest intrinsic value in modern and contemporary art".
Definitely one can not stand in front of "For the Love of God" without dwelling upon World's poverty and hunger. Maybe that is the philosophical point to it.

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