April 29, 2007

Sandmonkey games

The Blog "rantings of a sandmonkey" seems to have gone off. The reasons why are explained in his last post. I do hope though that this person will change its mind and start blogging again. I firmly believe that blogging is addictive and I suppose that it is as hard to quit blogging than it is to quit smoking. On the other hand, I understand that people would rather not be arrested and persecuted for what they believe or what they say. In some ways I believe it is easier to become a suicidal bomber than a human rights activist. As a suicide bomber, you do lose your life but do not get imprisoned, which implies torture and abuse. Everyone would rather avoid abuse and torture. Reason then is to avoid the wrath of those who have the power to imprison, torture and abuse.
This is why I fear somehow that the Monkey's attitude might snowball. Many Egyptian bloggers seem to be disappointed and chose to go into a low profile. They are being threatened by courts , state security forces, and other threats seem to be still in the making.
I really do not know what to advise. I wonder is it worth it to fight while those who would really gain for standing up to their rights, do not seem to be interested in doing so.
I will just miss Sandmonkey.
Really hope that the Monkey changes his or her mind.

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