October 10, 2011

Brain washing and the Regime (dedicated to Walt Disney)

Sunday, February 13, 2011 at 11:16am I posted the following on FB - Moubarak had just resigned and the National Media seemed set for a positive development in matters of truth and as a source of information, yesterday though the minister of information accused some State TV anchors to have lost their minds because they were so "excited"

"Brain washing is a very dangerous weapon.
Brain washing works very well.
Brain washing nearly made the revolution abort.
There was a moment during the revolution when I got really scared for it and for the kids.  That moment was at a point after the first message by the ex-president when he played on the emotions of the Egyptian People. The savage attacks by the regime's henchmen coupled with the "voices  of wisdom" by many trying to convince us that the kids were destroying Egypt and that everything was going to be Hell if they would not retreat has put all of us under amazing pressure.
The Carrot (the empty promises or actually unbelievable ones) and the sticks were used simultaneously, in the form of physical sticks and of rumors that scared us to death. Reinforcing the will of the kids making them even more resolute to face death.

Brain washing is what made the Good People of Egypt come down in the streets demanding another resigning President not to resign after the most humiliating defeat in the annals of modern History. I know many will say that it just came out from the People's pouring emotions towards a very charismatic man. However they will have to work hard to convince me that the hiding of the news of the defeat and the retreat to the "second line of defense" was not gaining time for he rumors machine to work at full blast before hitting the news on the people.

Brains should be awaken and we should never let our Brains to be washed ever again.

Disband the NDP and the Ministry of information

PS this is an article I wrote for a newspaper under foundation called the voices of Tahrir... however I feel the message should be shared asap as the situation is turning sour."

I believe this is as right and pertinent today that it was back then when I published it. I'd now add a couple more demands at the end, I would want the Armies all over the world to be restructured, and the revision and bettering of all educational  syllabi ... but then there is such a thing as incurable idealism

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