October 23, 2007

Football Fever

Hooligans are very strange people. On what grounds can anybody attack someone else and in any case what is the point of fighting about a result that has happened , do they think they can change historical facts?
While checking and reordering my dashboard I found this unfinished post and decided to post it now, kind of out of season as Hooligans have not invaded front pages for sometime but maybe because it is out of season it can start an interesting discussion as while people are hot they cannot really think logically and the discussion becomes tainted witha bias to a certain club, player, referee. At these times one would swear these people are defending their inner beliefs to a point that makes you doubt about any inner belief.

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Jamila said...

I am agree with you,Its really tough to change historical facts.Football is something like a fever when it comes,it increases time to time and does not give relief.