September 16, 2007

will it be enough then?

Fundamental freedoms are under attack however the freedom to push the button is still allowed to some. (Full text)

According to the BBC, the advances made in individuals surveillance are on the verge of many a breakthrough. This disturbs me deeply.

It seems that 75% of individuals in most of the world do not mind being watched 24/24 all year round, at least according to polls. I believe this has to do with Religion. If one is religious, one knows he is being under the stethoscope of God however this universal "soulprints" (as opposed to fingerprints} of the human race disturbs me deeply. Not because I am defending "His" prerogatives, but out of a deep ingrained need for a place where the masks can fall without no one ever finding out one's private moments.

The "Logan's run" nightmare is even more disturbing than Orwell's "1984", and although "Animal Farm" amazing maxims are freely quoted by today's world leaders, without the shadow of a smile, and with apparent utter conviction, my most feared nightmare is the crystal in the palm of one's hand, or even worse the electronic chip into your DNA through the cell phones waves.

Governments have now outlawed casual smokers. I propose they do the same to cell phone users. I'll keep mine though.

.. in order to change moods I would suggest you watch this , learn the song and form a delegation"Wafd" to present our requests .

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People's assembly election mid 90's

I wonder to whom the delegation (if it was ever formed) would present its demands these days, Does anybody know where Napoleon is?

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