September 15, 2007


More Facebook stories.

On 9/11, the unmasked version of this photo was deleted from Facebook. I wonder why? No explanation. No warning. Nothing. Is El Qaeda controlling Facebook and decided to commemorate their vicious attack by deleting all traces of the twin towers ???

This picture was posted to the "fun wall" of a friend of mine who incidentally is the woman on the picture. A personal picture, then.

I wonder why should we not respect the amazing architecture masterpiece the twin towers have been. I will not dwell into that. The disturbing detail about it is that this "Fun Wall" application is actually controlled by So it is difficult to pinpoint who is responsible for this deletion.

A few days later, this picture too was deleted this time definitely by Facebook, as the person who posted a non commented version of it as the logo for a group, was not only sentenced, no death row. Immediate execution and a warning to top it was the unstoppable destiny.

" This decision is final. Thank you for your understanding" (Facebook Theodore)

However this version is still on Facebook in a well named group. Check Teezbook on Facebook.

How many "God Gifts" are there?

Why is there so many groups that are related to religions?

The numbers of which can only be matched by those related to sex?

Who is deciding what can be said or showed on what is after all your own profile?
Is there a hidden agenda?

99% of all groups being quite obnoxious and not flying very high intellectually. The most ridiculous superstitions being discussed by some.

While In real life more and more people seem to have decided to stand up for their right to believe whatever they feel like believing, I cannot help but wonder about this bigot's approach to WWW. I wonder when are we going to start discussing the flatness of Earth or the normalcy of beheading prostitutes , the right of an American federal judge to order around an independent country and the fair punishment for spreading an unfounded rumor.

All this said, and while I am happy to see Mekharbesha still Kicking on Facebook, I do wonder why El resuscitated itself. Facebook is no more a free country than any other. Maybe after all the cat is convinced by the Egyptian saying :

"البلد دي احسن من غيرها"
This country is better than any other


Bermawy said...

now I got it.
you are the still kicking gohst.

p2 said...

Yes I am. But who am I?

Anonymous said...

Well said,I agree with all you write.

p2 said...

Actually the twin towers picture reappeared a couple of days after this post was published.