November 29, 2011

Parliamentary Elections

After thinking a lot about going to cast my vote or not, I did go this morning (the second day) with a preconceived idea on how to nullify my vote. Many had called for a boycott of the elections and, until last night, I thought I would join the majority of voices asking for the boycott. However, when we found out that the call for the boycott was not followed and that according to many the actual turn out was even more important than that of the referendum, I decided to cast a blank vote, as suggested by other activists who believe these elections are illegitimate and unaccounted for. This morning, when I woke up, I walked to the polling station, and succeeded in casting my vote. I took extra care to do it right but then I wrote on the ballot papers : down down with military rule. My polling station is not very far from the Ministry of Interior and getting there is quite difficult. APCs are all over the place. Big amounts of army personnel are dispersed all along the way. I did not take pictures as I did not feel up to the discussions that would follow. Also today the polling station was quite empty and I finished everything in 5 minutes.

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