May 26, 2007

The Force

Celebrating the 30th birthday of the Star wars saga, the US Postal service has issued a series of stamps. A lot of changes happened since the Hoax that started as a politically motivated civil disobedience. Back then in 2001 , a little bit more than 70 thousands Australians claimed to follow the Jedi ways, also the same year Jedi Knights gained official recognition as a religion in the UK. Nowadays, through browsing one can find "A Short History of the Jedi Movement" , an Islamic interpretation of the Jedi creed.

Jediists , if this is how they are called have also launched a website complete with forum and chat rooms.

May the Force be with them !!!!!

Nonetheless, I believe that the set of stamps will be cherished by stamps collectors all over the world. They will want them as mint and as used. One more reason for the hype to roll on.

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